Small Business HVAC

Who needs an HVAC professional anyway?

I actually looked into that and she was right, a lot of systems didn’t cover non-professional installations. When I told my family that I was thinking about installing my own HVAC system, they kind of freaked out a little bit. They asked me if I had been taking HVAC classes so that I would be […]

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My day was already going to be long

On Friday morning, I want to work expecting a very long day. Friday is always a busy day at work, because we don’t have regular services scheduled on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are days that we only offer emergency repairs and services. Any jobs that need to be completed before the end of […]

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I didn't like the new girl at first

She was even certified to weld A couple of months ago, a new girl started working at the same place as me. The new girl is the first woman to work for the HVAC installation company. The HVAC installation company has only been in business for two years. Sara was the first female employee and […]

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