Month: November 2022

I was out on the road with superb heating

Last month my superb friend Ed and I had some real disappointing snow. As a result, on the way house from labor I wound up getting stuck in a huge snow bank. It was pretty horrible! I was fortunate because of 2 major things. The 1st being that our cell PC was with myself and […]

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Adding duct cleaning to the routine

Nobody is a greater wimp when they get sick than me. It’s all I can do just to not become a burden on my entire household. When I get sick, our family is looking to get out of the quality heating plus AC of the apartment as often as possible. But it turns out that […]

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Our current Heating plus A/C plans are awesome

Once we made the decision to stay living in this region, both of us knew that both of us wanted to make sustainable Heating plus A/C heating a priority. Like many people both Bob and myself had to make a decision on where to spend our retirement years. However, Bob’s parents didn’t even consider leaving […]

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