Author: Henry

My dehumidifier helps me sleep at night

Some days I sleep truly little and it genuinely ruins my mood the next day. Then there are days where I get about more than eight sixths of great sleep and guess I could take over the world the next day. I wish I could keep my sleep consistent and sleep well all of the […]

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A Good Night of Sleep Feels Great!

I’m going to clean my stepmom’s AC filter today and see if it helps with the airflow in my bedroom because my room seems much warmer than the thermostat is set downstairs Some nights I sleep very little and it really ruins my mood the next day. Then there are nights where I get about […]

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Air purification systems help schools

My child Mia is just about done with the school year, and she is looking forward to her Summer trip, and we have a couple of trips planned this year. All of us are going to the beach for a long weekend and we are going to visit a couple of amusement parks. We have […]

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