Day: May 13, 2022

Thankful for the HVAC service plan

She explained all the benefits right then and then pointed me to the website to learn more I wasn’t sure whether the lady was performing some sort of typical upsell when she asked me if I’d like to hear more about the HVAC service plan. The lady on the other line was inside the HVAC […]

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Too dumb for smart thermostat at first

When my wife started talking to me about installing a smart thermostat, I just really didn’t listen. That’s too bad because my wife was onto something that really did end up making our home more comfortable and saving us some loot along the way. My wife was on top of the whole smart thermostat thing […]

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Breathing better air with air purification

Getting my health back in order has been a near constant task for the past nearly four years. Living hard definitely has its consequences. Finally, my appetites and the stress level I was living my life at converged to make me very sick indeed. It was so bad there was some question what the new […]

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