HVAC and Refrigeration. Safety standards in commercial kitchens.

HVAC and Refrigeration. Safety standards in commercial kitchens.

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Whenever I get home, I always make an effort to have breakfast at my town “diner”.

With seating for maybe 12 ,or16 if you get really close, the bucolic feel of it hasn’t changed.

Nothing fancy, serving full breakfast and lunch daily, offering home cooked everything from scratch just like Mom’s kitchen food. That’s where the similarities dont stop….except for the two burner coffeepot, every appliance in there is what you’ll find in your own home. Stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher.An open window with a box fan and AC unit accordianed in. Can you imagine if every kitchen restaurant was like this? Of course not. As customers, we would be shocked. Guidelines of commercial grade kitchens are followed by HVAC service providers and focus is placed directly on chefs and managers to provide the freshest foods.It is the responsibility of the HVAC installation, maintenance, cooling and heating system to make sure every bit of food remains contaminant free. The main issue with spoiled restaurant food is the improper installation of refrigeration, duct work, exhaust fans and no HVAC routine service.An improperly vented HVAC system will also affect the dining room, the rest rooms and storage too so if something as simple as using the wrong weight for a hood vent is off or a fan belt is not tightened properly, the HVAC system drops in efficiency. Air quality,comfortable temperatures in all seasons, fire, emissions code violation free standards and a reputable HVAC service provider belong on the same menu and if an element in a commercial grade kitchen design is not up to snuff, then you’re setting yourself and your customers up for potential danger BEFORE you serve your very first order. And that can be avoided by starting off with only the best HVAC provider.



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