Year: 2020

Two ways to avoid media UV air purifier

If air quality is an issue you have around your home, and you can not actually afford to go for a whole beach home air purification plan or even a portable media UV air purifier, I have a few tips that can help you to improve the air quality in your home. The first and […]

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Feeling good today

Ever since watching this movie called ‘The Life of Pi’ I was inspired by how this child joined all the odd religions plus felt all the Gods had relevance in his life Sometimes I wonder what the large deal is with there being so multiple odd religions, and i guess that at the end of […]

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Pals neglecting the Heating and A/C unit

Ever since I can remember my Mom has taught me the importance of working for yourself and making your own cash, then my Mom is a self made guy and he has worked tough for every dollar he has ever owned. I entirely look up to him as an example of what I should be […]

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