Author: Henry

Being married to an HVAC tech has its perks

I’ve been married to an HVAC professional for a long time now, and jake plus I have been together for almost twenty years, plus most of the time we get along well. Jake started working at 1 of the local HVAC companies here in village shortly after we got married, plus he’s been there ever […]

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The best cooling for a mobile new home

The two of us just bought a mobile new home because the two of us like to do a lot of road trip travelling in the summer time weeks. The two of us are planning a long in addition to detailed road trip next summer, in addition to the 1 thing the two of us […]

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Smoke alarms and your furnace

Smoke alarms are needed in all homes. It is required by law in most locations, and although smoke alarms occasionally save lives, they can also be quite a pain. In my case, I have a easily powerful central heating and air conditioner system, and because my central heating and air conditioner system is so powerful, […]

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