Probably should’ve upgraded to ductless a long time ago

Probably should’ve upgraded to ductless a long time ago

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I have to admit that it was tough for me to justify buying a modern HVAC system when the old one was still working technically.

The problem with the old HVAC is the fact that the energy bills were becoming far too high.

First we thought the issue was with the ductwork system, and we were right about that. Well, the ductwork system was basically torn up to shreds and the whole thing we learned would have to be replaced. I thought it was something that could be salvaged, but that was just not the case. The HVAC professional came up with a brilliant solution though and that was to invest in a ductless HVAC system. When we looked into the ductless multi-split system, we were amazed. The thing that caught our eye the most was the fact that this system is highly energy efficient. I also loved the idea of having different zones in the house with entirely customized temperature control settings. I couldn’t wait to have a zone set up in my office so I could crank the cooling as much as I wanted in the hot season. My wife would always get mad before when I would crank the cooling system, but mostly because of the costly energy bills. With the new energy efficient HVAC system, I no longer had to be bothered about paying for overpriced energy bills! On top of that, nobody would be fighting over the temperature control settings, and that’s a beautiful thing. We probably should have gone for such an upgrade a long time ago before our energy bills spiked.

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