Trudy won’t get a divorce lawyer and is getting screwed over

My best acquaintance Trudy entirely messed up when it came to selecting her hubby.

The two of them had only dated 4 weeks before getting married, but my acquaintance was pregnant within a year, and after the first baby they started having relationship problems… Rather than task on it, my acquaintance got pregnant again! While 12 weeks pregnant, her hubby started cheating on her.

The two of them now have separated but are not legally divorced. I am all over my acquaintance to find a decent lawyer… She needs a family lawyer to handle the custody of her girls, get her child support and get her legally separated from the worst human being on this planet. Right now they are trying to hash out the details without lawyers. That means my acquaintance is being taken advantage of. The guy admitted that he did not want to take the girls when they are little, he said maybe in a few years when they are older… Divorce lawyers would eat that up. That is superb talk to lose all custody. Her hubby also hardly gives her any money for rent, food and baby supplies. Recently he told her that he was cutting back the money even more. He threatened that next time he had the girls he would just leave them alone if she demanded more money. I basically screamed at my acquaintance to hire a lawyer. All she needs to do is record some of the stuff he says and the divorce law system will save her. She entirely could make this guy suffer.



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Cryo cancer treatments offer hope for some

We haven’t figured out the cure for cancer yet but there are a lot of treatments now that are used to reduce the risk & help out cancer sufferers! A lot of people find themselves depending on cannabis to deal with the effects of chemotherapy.

But, for the removal of the cancerous cells, cryotherapy has been some help.

But cryo cancer treatments are not as fun as the therapeutic sessions. People who do cryo slimming or pain management solutions rest in a bucket with liquid nitrogen or argon gas to create intense cold; They stay in the tank for around 6 minutes & see good results… Some people do a freezing spread on their face for cryo facial toning as well. With cryo cancer treatment it is a little more invasive. A cryoprobe is inserted in the body with nitrogen or argon gas to create the freezing. This destroys the affected tissue and the cancer cells are destroyed in the process. The cryoprobe also can treat tumors that are within the liver, kidneys, bones, & breasts. The needle being inserted in the body can be invasive & a bit painful. Most people are not bothered by the freezing sensation and the extreme freezing does do a lot of good. Afterwards the only side effects people have noticed is either inflammation or numbness where the probe was. Right now there are no results on the long term effectiveness though.


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Getting our small business some traffic

My dad and his buddy Kyle started the first heating company in our town.

For a long time Kyle was working in the coal mines. He needed to find something to do when the mine finally closed. He didn’t want to retire at 35, & he only knew a single thing. My father started the heating company with $5 & a bicycle. My father rode all over village on that bicycle. He had a set of ancient tools that he used to fix up furnaces, boilers, & stoves. My dad’s friend Kyle joined the little company when he was retired from the mines. Shortly after, they started absolutely working on heating unit & air conditioners. When I was old enough to work in the shop, I started studying about heating & air conditioner repair. A few years ago, I took over as the manager of the shop. Sales were steadily going down over the past years & dad and Kyle thought both of us needed a change. They gave me total control to make any changes I thought were needed. The first thing I did was hire a digital marketing firm to help us with our internet presence. We didn’t even have a website at that point, however the digital marketing company helped us remedy the situation. They redesigned our business logo & created a website that advertised all of our top Services. There was even a spot on the website to print out a coupon. We have received a lot of compliments on our current company logo.



The website did not work when it went live

Last week I decided to hire an online marketing team to help my company reach more customers online.

My business partner and I have had a tiny company for years now.

The issue is that things have been very slow lately. We rarely get calls for furnace repairs or replacements, & our busiest time of the year is the summer. We give lots of services to the masses including air conditioner maintenance, air quality services, & ventilation cleaning, and during the Spring of this year, my business partner & I decided to hire an online marketing firm to create a website & help us with Internet advertising. My business partner knew a little bit about advertising, however she was struggling to input all of the information to our website. We were using one of those web design programs that only allow you to change certain things, however she was becoming real frustrated over the days. The digital marketing firm fixed all of the website problems in a few hours, & then they spent a few weeks absolutely working on the rest of our website; Everything looked great in the end & both of us were happy for the final website to go live! Unfortunately, none of the links on the contact page were working. My partner & I didn’t even realize the concern until months into it. This is when our heating & air conditioner customers called to complain. We spent a lot of money on the Internet ads, & I was very unhappy that none of the links work well.


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Working with SEM

Working with a small internet company.

My girlfriend plus I moved out of town, when she got promoted in her work.

She is not in the advertising field, however she works for a national hospital chain. As the administrator, she makes a great salary. The dealer also paid for us to move to a new town. They rented us a moving truck plus paid for our items to be packed, shipped, plus unloaded. The workplace also paid for a corporate house in the city. All of us are only 3 blocks away from the tennis courts plus every one of us can hear the crowd cheering with the windows open. It’s entirely absolutely great. In a few weeks, things were hectic plus unquestionably crazy. My girlfriend and I were trying to set up the apartment, plus I was looking for a job. I was working at a SEM supplier before every one of us left town. I applied to several different internet advertising firms plus SEM businesses. It took 3 weeks before I had the first interview. The owner of the supplier was familiar with advertising, plus she wasn’t prepared for the interview. I felt enjoy I knew more about internet advertising than she did. Luckily, she noticed it too. She gave myself and others a management position with benefits, holiday time, plus a nice salary. The best portion about the job is working from home. My first job is almost done. I have been working on SEO for heating dealer.




Getting the cameras for cheap

Carlos and I work on bikes.

  • We have quite a big section of bikes to sell.

We usually have a few bikes for half the price than normal too. The two of us also have a repair shop for bikes and tires on them. The two of us have a garage that includes a small office. The two of us use one of the spaces as our sales area, plus we use the other space for repairs. The bike repair shop started off small, but things have picked up in the past 8 months. My friend Carlos plus I had to hire a second person to help us in the office. Carlos and I were trying to keep up with sales, bookkeeping, plus repairs, but it was a lot of work. Six weeks back, someone broke the main window plus stole a bike. My friend Carlos was really freaked out plus decided to hire a security system repair team; Carlos did not spend any time looking for the best security system upgrade team. I know he opened up his computer plus clicked on the first result that he found. When the security system upgrade team came around, they were rude, dumb, plus completely annoying. I knew my friend Carlos wanted to install a security system today, even though I did not want to give those buffoons any sort of money. I sent them away plus spent the next second looking for the best security system upgrade team in our county. I found a little shop in contractor for 40 years. They came the next afternoon plus installed video camera.


Data System Maintenance

We really have made a lot of memories

It feels like the last decade has been about giving stuff up.

The recession hit us pretty hard because we have our own business in a market that took a significant hit.

Thankfully, we were able to maneuver and evolve to keep going. We’re doing well again which is nice. But, for a long time, we had to cut corners everywhere in our personal lives to help the business. There were no more fancy dinners out in lovely dining rooms with perfectly controlled HVAC comfort. Those new cars we wanted became a pipe dream. We had to make do with our old cars with the terrible gas mileage and underwhelming air conditioning. Both my wife and I cut out any semblance of a vacation for almost 10 years. However, we found a new passion for exploring our region with several long weekends. It was just one fiscal cut after another on our household budget. We even had to target my one and only love, the air conditioning. Our home is in an area which experiences a very long, hot summer. It is a swelter fest for a solid 4 months. Since our business requires a bit of field work on certain projects, it was always sweet relief to walk into my cooled home. Well, all that cooling was creating utility bills which had far too many numbers on it. My wife wanted to get radical and begin using the old evap cooler from decades past. While much more affordable to operate, swamp coolers are simply not the same as A/C. I had to fight her on that one. We finally came to a compromise. The thermostat was programed to run far less during the day. Additionally, I wasn’t allowed to crank the thing down to the super cool setting anymore.

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Exercising at Home Made Possible with HVAC Innovation

My doctor just subtly read me the riot act. He has been after me the last few years to increase my exercise, eat more healthy and lose the weight around my middle. I have done zero of those things. It’s not as though I just sit with my feet up enjoying the HVAC. It just doesn’t seem feasible to do all of those things when I am doing my very best just to put one foot in front of another. My career is very stressful. My home life revolves around 3 teenagers with a very large number of activities that suck any time I would have for myself. So, I end up enjoying my food too much and the only exercise is swinging a golf club a few times a year. No way I can join a gym. There really isn’t anything much less appealing than spending an hour in a hot, humid environment with a bunch of sweaty strangers. However, I had to do something. So, I found some used exercise equipment and turned my study into a quasi home gym. It wasn’t too bad at first. But that little space just got too hot once I really got going. I didn’t want to force the HVAC to cool the entire house too much so I could be comfortable. I tried an old window air conditioner but that was fairly useless. So, I called the HVAC guys and they had the solution. An HVAC tech installed a ductless heating and cooling system in that room. It’s awesome. This thing cools the room so very well while also removing a ton of the humidity. Now, I’m actually exercising four times per week.

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Don’t Forget the Importance of Matching HVAC Size to Space

The inevitable has finally happened.

  • The HVAC tech told me to be ready for it.

Of course, I wasn’t. I had great intentions. There was even a separate savings account started for the express purpose of replacing the HVAC. However, that money sort of evaporated as cars needed to be fixed or prom dresses had to be purchased. I think I maybe had $800 in that account when our heating and cooling system gave up for good. At least it wasn’t some great shock. I also had started discussions with the HVAC company about the HVAC upgrade that was coming. They sent out a great HVAC contractor who ended up being incredibly helpful. The man spent nearly 3 hours with us going over all of our HVAC needs. He also meticulously took a slew of measurements through the house. Additionally, he thoroughly inspected all the ductwork to be sure it was up to the task and would fit the new heating and cooling unit. I asked if we could get an oversize HVAC unit because I liked the idea of having more power. The HVAC contractor politely pointed out that was not how things worked. Each HVAC unit has to be the correct size for the space. Throwing a bigger unit in would simply result in super inefficient heating and cooling. No, each home needs to have a correctly sized HVAC to get the most out of the equipment. Besides, he told me that I would be simply blown away by how powerful HVAC technology has become. We are also in for some major savings on the utility bill as well.

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Lack of HVAC Comfort Further Complicates Air Travel.

I can remember when the thought of taking a flight on a big airplane was simply thrilling.

I’m not even talking about childhood memories.

Air travel was so cool for me my whole life up until a decade or so ago. Now, having to get on a plane for a business trip is just a giant drag. Unfortunately, most of my business is too far away from my home to allow me to drive. If I could drive, I probably would. The thing with traveling by plane is that it has become just one hassle after another. To make matters worse, the HVAC in airports and on the planes themselves only add discomfort to hassle. That isn’t the best equation for a good day. The getting bumped or having a flight cancelled is made worse by the inconsistent temps at the airport. The main part of the airport is always too hot and I end up sweltering while lining up for check in. It only gets worse as the next line up for security checks is even longer. I’m standing there with limited ability to shed layers so, I just suffer. However, as soon as you get to the gate area, it’s like a fridge. I haven’t been able to figure out the logic there but I think this must be intentional. Of course once you’re herded into the tiny seats, the sweating begins again. I swear the HVAC on airplanes was never designed to cool a space with so many people in it. It’s no wonder why I have to travel at least a day early just so I can recover to be coherent for business.


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