.Should have scheduled maintenance for furnace

I invested a great deal of money into a brand new furnace for my home. When the HVAC contractor suggested that I enroll in a maintenance plan, I wasn’t interested. I was not willing to spend even more money on the furnace. Since the system was brand new, I expected it to operate reliably for years to come. I made sure to replace the air filter every four to six weeks. In my local area, the furnace runs for about six months and then sits idle for the next six months. I assumed that this rest period would help to extend the service life. It never occurred to me that when the furnace isn’t operating, there’s still dust and other debris getting inside the cabinet. These contaminants gradually built up on the inner workings. The accumulation restricted airflow through the system, causing the furnace to run for longer cycles. The added wear and tear took a toll on the components. Plus, the moving parts of the motor were impacted by the dust. Eventually, the furnace malfunctioned and quit. I was forced to call for professional repair. The technician showed me the dust clogging the furnace and explained that a safety feature resulted in the shutdown. He said I was lucky that the heat exchanger hadn’t cracked or I’d need a whole new furnace. Because I had failed to keep up with professional maintenance, my warranty didn’t cover the cost of the repair. I’ve now signed for the maintenance program and schedule upkeep for the furnace every fall.


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Going rock climbing is better with temperature control

After six months of nothing but work, I decided I needed a break.

I had plenty of vacation time I could take off from work, so I took ten days for myself.

I didn’t want to simply lay around the house and do nothing. I wanted to try something new and maybe have an adventure. I struggled to think of anything. I started researching online for ideas for a fun vacation. I came across a blog that was all about rock-climbing, I wanted to give this activity a try. I checked my area for rock-climbing walls and found that there is a great place very close to where I live. I had the opportunity to go rock-climbing for free. If I felt comfortable climbing up the side of a mountain, the experience wouldn’t cost me anything. However, I preferred the idea of a safe rock-climbing adventure. I didn’t want to get hurt if I had any difficulties. When I arrived at the location I was surprised to discover that the rock-climbing walls were located outside. I was expecting to be in a climate controlled space. I was planning on air conditioning and artificial turf. It was a warm day and climbing in the sunshine was going to make for a sweaty experience. I decided to give the rock climbing a try anyway and had a fantastic time. I spent several hours climbing. However, the heat was a problem. Since then, I have gone climbing nearly every weekend. I have found a location with interior climbing walls. The place maintains a perfectly cool temperature. They have the air conditioner running in the summer months and heating for the winter months. Someday, I would like to try climbing an actual mountain. For now, I will enjoy all the safety features and comfort of an indoor venue.

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Air conditioner quits completely because of lack of maintenance

My home feels as if it’s over a hundred degrees inside. All I have is the open windows to try and cool it off. For the past two months, I ignored the weird sounds my air conditioner was making. The system almost sounded as if it was wheezing. I was extremely busy and preoccupied with work, so I just kept putting off scheduling service for the air conditioner. I was also aware that repair would result in a pretty heft bill. I did not want to deal with the time or expense involved in professional service. I simply hoped the air conditioner would manage to work the problem out on its own. Finally, after listening to the cooling system struggle, I finally decided to call for repair. I planned to call an HVAC provider after work and set up a time for them to perform air conditioner service. I should have taken care of the problems with the air conditioner way back in the spring. Unfortunately, the air conditioner completely quit before the technician arrived. When he inspected the failed cooling system, he said that the problems were all the result of a lack of maintenance. The buildup of dust and other contaminants had put so much strain on the components that there was extensive damage. He told me that fixing the air conditioner would cost more than purchasing a whole new system. I definitely can’t afford to install a new cooling system at this point in time. I am now without air conditioning entirely. I’m saving up and hoping I’ll be able to afford a cooling system next year.


Health issues caused by dirty furnace

Every time the heating system started up, it was spreading harmful toxins into my breathing air

When the weather first turned chilly last fall, I started to have some health problems. At first, my symptoms were minor. I’d wake up in the morning with a headache or a sore throat. These issues would typically go away throughout the day. It never occurred to me that this was because I was only running the heating system at night. Since I work from home, I spend a lot of my time in the house. I sometimes go an entire week without leaving the house. When the outside temperature is down to twenty below zero with several feet of snow on the ground, I’m happy to remain safely at home. However, there were problems with indoor air quality. I noticed that I was forced to dust and vacuum more often but didn’t think too much about it. My health issues steadily got worse. I suffered from flu-like symptoms. I tried over-the-counter medication and taking vitamins. I made sure to get a complete night’s sleep and improved my diet. I went to see a doctor. Nothing helped. It was my mom who mentioned the possibility that the furnace was making me sick. Although I was skeptical, I set up an appointment with a local HVAC contractor. The HVAC contractor took the furnace apart and showed me the inner workings. There was an alarming buildup of dust and other debris. Every time the heating system started up, it was spreading harmful toxins into my breathing air. The contractor recommended a complete duct cleaning and full maintenance of the furnace.



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Deciding to replace my old furnace

This past winter was especially cold and brutal.

Several times, I ended up baking pies, just to use the oven to heat up the house a bit.

At least the kitchen wasn’t quite so chilly for a little while. My gas furnace was over twenty years old and not capable of handling the demand. It didn’t matter how high I adjusted the thermostat. The old furnace made a tremendous amount of noise but provided very little warm air. It also cost me a fortune to operate. I really didn’t think that I could afford a new furnace. However, I added up the monthly costs for heating my home and realized that a new, high-efficiency furnace would save a tremendous amount of money. Plus, the local HVAC contractor offered low-interest financing. I carefully researched the many options available on the market. I read the consumer reports on the different manufacturers and models. I also checked customer reviews and consulted with family members and friends. I decided to invest a little extra money for a higher AFUE ratings and some innovative features. I knew that a higher efficiency meant lower monthly energy bills. Plus, extra features such as zone control would also help to trim running costs. I no longer need to maintain unoccupied rooms as the ideal temperature. I no longer need to bake things in the oven to warm up the kitchen. Although the new furnace was quite expensive and I’ll be making payments for quite a while, I am thrilled with it. No matter how extreme the winter weather, my home is perfectly comfortable. Plus, the new furnace is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so I don’t need to worry about the cost of a sudden repair.



Cat messes with the controls of my new air conditioner

Recently I have been looking into different types of air conditioning units.

I don’t have enough money to make a mistake when I finally buy an air conditioner.

I have spoken with various family members and visited their houses to feel the performance of the air conditioner for myself. I haven’t found a specific make or model of air conditioner I like any better than the others. I eventually settled for a small portable AC unit. I figured that at least I could move it around to different areas in the apartment. When I brought the new air conditioner home, my cat took an interest in it. Most cats are curious by nature. My cat is especially this way. Everything new must be sniffed and checked out by her. My cat gave the air conditioner a careful inspection before walking off. I assumed she was done with it. I work from home, so I installed the air conditioner into the window in my home office. I enjoyed the flow of cool air while I worked. Although the air conditioner is quite small, it provides a great deal of temperature control. I needed to run a quick errand that day. When I returned to my apartment, I saw that my cat was sitting on the air conditioner. She was toying with the controls. She had managed to adjust the setting so that the air conditioner was blasting at maximum capacity. Although I shooed the cat away, and turned the air conditioner down, this same problem happened several more times. I finally had to place duct tape over the controls to prevent the cat from messing with them.


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Weird dreams about my air conditioner

People think that I’m odd, and maybe I am. But I was convinced that in my last apartment, my air conditioner was haunted! I don’t often tell people about it because they immediately think I’m crazy. Because of the haunted Air conditioner and some other things that happened, I decided to move out. I had moved into my former apartment in early Springtime last year. Tor the first couple of months everything was fine. I purchased a portable air conditioner for the window, to keep my bedroom cool and help me to sleep better at night. I woke up around midnight, feeling sweaty and realized my air conditioner was gone. I figured that I must have forgotten to put it back in the window after cleaning it. I found it in the kitchen and I hauled it back in my bedroom. I installed the cooling unit back into the window and went to sleep. Later on, the same thing happened. I once again found the cooling unit in the kitchen. I was starting to get freaked out. I live alone so there was no friends or family members relocating the air conditioner. I also thought I heard footsteps right outside my bedroom door. I wasn’t sure if the whole thing was just a bad dream, but I kept a baseball bat beside the bed after that. The last straw was when some of my favorite clothes went missing. Although I still hadn’t finished unpacking all of my stuff in my bedroom, I couldn’t locate several of my shirts. After I moved into a new apartment and finally unpacked, I found all of the missing items. I figured that the incident with the air conditioner was just a dream. I still felt more comfortable in a new apartment.


Arguing with roommate about location of portable air conditioner.

I was given a roommate last year when I arrived for my junior year at college.

Sheila and I quickly became friends and we started doing all our school activities together. We are sometimes mistaken for sisters, because Sheila and I are so much alike. I was thankful to be done roommate searching. With every other roommate I have had, there has been a problem. I had a very quiet girl who used to sleep in the closet. I had a very weird girl, who frequently wore my clothes and stole all my socks. I also had a roommate who was a smoker. Smoking isn’t permitted on campus, but she would smoke in our room. I’ve been relieved to have a normal roommate for once. Sheila didn’t appear to have any noticeable problems. However, like most roommates, Sheila and I eventually ran into a minor problem. In the college dorms, some of the air conditioning vents are sealed shut. The building is old and the cooling system isn’t the best. Sheila and I couldn’t get the vents in our room to open. We complained and were given a compact portable air conditioning to offset the problem. This began to cause issues between me and my roommate. We couldn’t decide where the air conditioning should be placed. I personally felt it should be installed in the main room where we would both enjoy it. Sheila insisted that we should take turns with it in our individual bedrooms. I didn’t want it blowing in my face one night and then sweat to death the next night. I don’t want to carry the air conditioner back and forth every day. Sheila and I still haven’t come to an agreement on where to install the air conditioner.


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Trying to afford a furnace repair

I am now making payments on the furnace repair

When the newest model of computer became available, I was so excited and wanted to buy it right away. Even when I saw the huge price tag, I still wanted it. The cost was almost the same as my entire paycheck! I don’t earn that much money, so I need to be cautious with how I spend it. I really wanted that laptop, however, so I started taking a little bit of my paycheck each month and tucking it into my savings account. It took me eight months until I had enough saved up. I calculated all of my various expenses before I dared to buy anything that expensive. I was looking to empty my savings account. Groceries, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene supplies and all my payments were covered. I was sure I was all set to make the purchase. I should have realized that I needed to set aside an emergency fund. I left myself completely broke. That’s not a good idea, especially if something goes wrong. The morning after the purchase of my new laptop, my gas furnace malfunctioned. The furnace still produced a steady supply of air, but it was no longer warm. I don’t know anything about heating technology or how to repair a furnace. I had no idea what to do about the furnace problem. I knew it was no longer heating my house and I was freezing. I had no choice but to call an HVAC contractor to fix the problem. I was upset that I’d spent my savings. I had already paid for the laptop. Since the weather was turning colder, I couldn’t wait to get the furnace repaired. I was fortunate that the HVAC contractor offered financing. I am now making payments on the furnace repair. At least I have a working heating system.

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Crashing my RC plane into the air conditioner

I clean it up, hoping my parents wouldn’t know

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a passion for building. From Legos to building blocks and truly anything else, I’ve always really liked construction things. This interest only expanded as I got older. My self-taught building processes gradually became more complicated. For my 15th birthday, my father bought me an RC plane. I just loved it, and it made me want to build my own plane. I watched online videos and tutorials, but they didn’t help that much! So I took my plane apart to figure out how it worked. It took me several hours to take it apart and reassemble it again. I eventually began to understand the basic principles. I began buying the necessary materials and constructing my own plane. It flew fairly well, but I was sure I could do better. I kept investing in better materials to replace specific parts. I built my first model a year after I received my first RC plane. I painted it red and black. I took the plane out in my yard to demonstrate for my friends how well it flew. While I could fly my little plane quite well fairly well, I started getting a bit carried away. I operated my plane so that it performed tricks in mid air. My friends were super impressed. I was too. I had that little plane spin around in mid air, and circle around the air conditioner. This is where I made a mistake. The wing of the plane just nicked the air conditioning cabinet at the top. The plane got knocked right into the cooling system. It ended up getting shredded to pieces and caused a huge mess. I clean it up, hoping my parents wouldn’t know. They found out and were not happy that I might have destroyed the air conditioning system. I was more careful after that. That was the end of my first RC plane.



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