I wanted work in Clearwater

I was devastated when my girlfriend broke up with me.

  • I didn’t even know there was a problem.

One day we were happy together and the next day she refused to take my calls. I knew that there was something playing on her mind, but she refused to talk about it. After three months, I saw her on the street in Clearwater, and I ran across the street. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was pregnant. I looked into her eyes and I knew the baby was mine. She began to cry and apologized because she ran away. She knew I didn’t want to get married and get tied down with a kid. If she had told me about the baby, she would have known that I was getting ready to ask her to marry me. I told her this and I also said that I wanted to take care of her and our child. I instantly began to put my application to different HVAC companies in Clearwater, Florida where she lived with her parents. I had been an HVAC technician for five years now. I had worked for the same company since I received my certification. I was sure they would give me a good recommendation if I asked them too. I got interviews with three of the HVAc companies I had applied to and I told my boss what was going. He gave me an excellent letter of recommendation and he even called the HvAc companies I had applied to. He congratulated me on the upcoming baby and possible marriage and told me he was expecting an invitation to the wedding.


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