Being bitten by a rattlesnake would not be cool

For years, my friends and I have gone on hikes and done mountain biking, whenever we had time off together.

We were well acquainted with the animals and wildlife in Bradenton, Florida area.

We don’t have a lot of mountains or forests, but we still find a lot of areas to explore. There are some really great parks in our area. We grew up in the Bradenton area and we would visit the park nearly every weekend. It is no surprise when we run across snakes, birds, lizards, or even an alligator on our rides and hikes. I had always heard that Florida is famous for their rattlesnake population, but none of us had ever seen one. Last weekend was different for us. We decided to go hiking in one of the parks near Bradenton, Florida. We had our cameras with us and we were taking pictures of the wildlife. I had stopped to take a picture of a red-headed woodpecker when I heard the twig snap under my foot. The sound of the twig was followed by the sound of a rattlesnake rattle. I turned in time to see the snake with his head reared up ready to strike. I was sure if it was going to get my boot or my leg, but I knew that I wouldn’t be walking out of the park. I slowly began to back away, which must have satisfied the rattlesnake because it slithered off underneath the vegetation. I never thought about having my camera with me and neither did my friends. This would have been the perfect way to prove to everyone that we had seen the infamous Florida rattlesnake. I didn’t even have any fang holes in my boots to prove it.

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