There are many Springs in Tampa

If you go on vacation to the Tampa Bay area in Florida, you need to make time to visit the Florida Springs.

Ten years previously, my wife and I had moved to the Tampa Bay area.

Since moving, we have visited almost 100 Natural Springs that are located all over the state. You will find one of our favorite springs, Three Sisters Springs, located just 45 minutes from downtown Tampa Bay. Three Sisters Springs has water that remain a steady seventy-five degrees all year round. Because of the steady temperature, when the tropical waters become cold, the native manatees will come inland to make their way to the Springs. Although there are several areas where you will find the manatees, Three Sisters Springs is our favorite. There are other areas in the Tampa Bay area, such as Weeki Wachee Springs that are well worth the time you spend when visiting. Weeki Wachee Springs is known for their mermaid theater. Live performers do an underwater mermaid show, often depicting the Little Mermaid. Rainbow Springs State Park Is also within a few miles of the Tampa Bay area. This a great place to go if you enjoy underwater snorkelling. The area is full of rainbow trout, perch and alligator gar. If you are looking for ways to bide your time while in Tampa Bay area, check out the springs and all of their attractions. I can guarantee you won’t be bored and you may even need to come back several times before you can even think about saying that you have seen more than enough of Tampa Bay and all they have to offer.


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