Tampa International gave me great rental for cheap

Last spring, my sister called and told me she was going to come for a visit.

She had never visited me and she had never been to Florida.

I worried that there was something wrong, but she just missed me. I offered to help her come down, but instead she told me she needed directions from the airport. Two months earlier, she had gone online and booked a flight to Tampa International. She had also arranged for a car rental at the same time. She not only saved a lot of money on her flight by booking early, but she was able to save on bagging fees and she got a free upgrade on her seat choice. The airport was offering specials if you booked early. She booked the car at the same time and she only had to pay $11 a day. I had to laugh when she arrived because instead of an economy car, she was driving a luxury convertible. The rental company had given away her reserved car and offered her the convertible for the same price. We took that car all over Florida. I took her to Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg. We visited some really cool museums and an amusement park. We even found enough time to spend a day at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. I can’t remember a time when we had so much fun together. She not only got a great deal on the flight and the rental car, but we had plenty of money to have a great time. I can only hope that she plans on coming back again so we can make more memories.



St. Petersburg