The air conditioner was freezing cold

Have you seen trouble that hotel broken air conditioners would cause? I guess most people have much trouble with Hotel air conditioners.

  • Typically hotels have problematic air conditioners because the trouble is not having them on.

I literally go through some hassles of walking to each front desk person just to explain how the air conditioner is not working properly. Then you have to go through the hassle of finding a new room. During one specific incidents, my own air conditioner was running but still broken. My friends and I walk back to the hotel very late at night and it was absolutely in quite freezing. In fact, it was so generically freezing inside the room, that I was immediately Logan. I walked to the air conditioner to adjust the outdoor thermostat. The air conditioner wasn’t going to shut off no matter what I did to adjust the thermostat. Even when I tried to turn off the power, the machine continue to run. The only thing that I could do was completely unplug the air conditioner from the electric socket and back. The air conditioner was a clear Hassle, and it was up to me to explain to the front desk lady what things were occurring. She was convinced sadly that I must have been doing something wrong with the air conditioner to get it to do that. I couldn’t get her to be convinced until she came to see it for herself. The situation was completely awkward, but at least my friends and I ended up with a different hotel room after the debacle.
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