The Strong Link Between Productivity & Temperature Comfort

The Strong Link Between Productivity & Temperature Comfort

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Our job output has not been so good lately.

I am struggling to adjust to finally working from home.

I spent over 35 years in a comfy, Heating & A/C controlled office environment. The temperature there was always kept so comfortable no matter how warm or cold it was outside. I never had to stress about any Heating & A/C. Now, after all those years, I got tossed out on our ear for being too old. Of course, the business would never admit to that. They made sure to cover themselves with department restructuring reason. Still, I was out. Suddenly, I was faced with figuring out how to make a residing. Nobody in this field was hiring 53 year old guys. And if they were, it was at about 30 percent of our original wages. So, I went to job for myself. I commandeered a guest room & made it our HQ for trying to make a residing. But, finally working from home & finally working in a home office are two legitimately different things. First, it’s your house. The probability that your attention will be divided is legitimately high. There is always something that needs to be done. However, I had to fight that urge & simply bear down on finally working. I got better at this. Sticking to very strict office hours was a key. The other key was fine Heating & A/C comfort. I live in a fairly moderate region & I appreciate to job in cool surroundings as this helps myself and others stay laser focused. However, it is stupid for myself and others to cool our entire home way down while in the peak home-heating hours. My Heating & A/C guy fixed that by creating a zone control for our office space now so I have a control unit for just that space. The rest of the home stays exactly the same.



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