It feels good to be back in the country

After nearly three years of living in the city while pursuing my college degree, I am finally able to say that I am moving back home to the wide open country! If you know one thing about me you would know that I am not the type of person that does well in a city environment. I will take the open doors over the lights and attractions any day of the week, and now that I have my degree I am planning on doing just that. There are more than a few things, but the thing that I can’t stand the most about the city life is the overall air quality. During the three years that I was studying at college I felt as if every day I was breathing in smog no matter where I was at. Despite the fact that I went ahead and invested in a state of the art air conditioning unit in my apartment that came equipped with an air purification system, I would constantly catch colds and my allergies were always going haywire which would leave me stuck in bed for days. Now that I am out of the city it doesn’t really matter where I buy a home or what the air purification system is like, I am going to be breathing in much cleaner air and feeling at least ten times better. I am glad that I stuck these past three years out and got the degree that I needed to be able to do what I am passionate about, however nothing feels better than knowing I don’t have to live in that big city another day longer!
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