Need to shut down as well as provide HVAC in our toil out space

I also would want to recognize about AC.

I love doing exercises outside! I care about to do a dance based toil out everyday, although I can only do it outdoors. I have folding mats as well as the space on our deck, but the problem is that if the weather is cold, rainy or snowy, I can’t go outside. I am then stuck in our tiny family room with the scratchy rug. I then have to do a typical workout of push ups, crunches as well as jump rope. I get where I desperately miss tumbling in the winter, then what I want to do is revamp our deck space. I want to fully enclose the deck as well as make it a sealed slim room. I recognize I could have windows with screens that I would utilize in the summer. I would open the screens to get fresh air as well as the windows would let in sunshine. In the Winter time the windows would be shut to keep the cold out. I would need to invest in HVAC too. In the Winter time I would need heavy heating due to the room is not technically connected to our loft or heating equipment. I would need the heating good enough to keep our muscles sizzling while I tumble. I also would want to recognize about AC. The windows letting in morninglight would be quite hot, but also folding mats that get morninglight on them get super hot. A little AC would undoubtedly go a long way. What component is important as well as powerful enough for our concerns? I might need to get a ductless mini cut with 2 indoor air handlers in the space. That should be good enough right?

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