People tend to complain about the cost of heating and cooling services

I frequently attend training courses, which aren’t free

I work as an HVAC serviceman. I deal with a lot of different types of people and demands. I handle both residential and commercial heating, cooling and air quality services. I am certified to provide new installation, equipment replacement, maintenance and repair of all makes and models. Because my company offers emergency services, I am frequently on-call around the clock. When the outside temperature is well below freezing and the heating system quits, people are in a big rush to get it fixed. Unfortunately, I deal with frequent complaints about the cost of service. I try to explain that the prices aren’t up to me. The industry determines the price for modern heating and cooling systems. Since the equipment has gotten more technologically advanced, it’s more expensive to purchase. However, these systems achieve far greater efficiency levels. They cost less to run and typically recover the initial investment. As for the cost of labor, that’s decided by the company I work for. On top of my wage, they have health insurance to cover and the investment into specialized tools and service vehicles. As the heating and cooling equipment has become more complex, so as our tools of the trade. As a technician, I need to keep up with these changes. I frequently attend training courses, which aren’t free. While I understand that clients aren’t thrilled with the high cost of heating and cooling services, they fail to realize all that is required. I try to make up for it by doing the best job possible. I work hard to ensure their heating and cooling systems operate as efficiently and reliably as possible.

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