Problems with air quality are resolved with duct cleaning

When I first started having concerns with indoor air quality, I thought that the air conditioner was the problem. The air coming from the vents had a musty smell and was definitely introducing contaminants into the home. I was forced to vacuum, dust and clean far more often. My family started complaining of difficulty sleeping and headaches. I noticed that whenever the air conditioner started up, we’d all sneeze or cough. I hired an HVAC professional to repair the air conditioner and he found that the issue was the duct system. I had never given the duct system a thought, so it had never been serviced. Over the years, a great deal of debris had built up within the pipes. The HVAC professional found a significant accumulation of dust, pollen, bugs, webs, construction debris and even decomposing rodents. Whenever the cooling system operated, the air would pass through this contaminated network of pipes and pick up dust, mold spores, bacteria and other allergens. Plus, the buildup was restricting airflow and forcing the air conditioner to work a lot harder to manage comfort. The HVAC professional completed a thorough duct cleaning. He used a very large machine that resembled a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. He explained that the brush would dislodge stubborn contaminants that would then be sucked into the hose. The duct cleaning process was fairly quick and created no mess or damage. Although the service was rather costly, it has made a significant difference in my monthly electric bills. The energy savings will quickly recover the investment.


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