I resisted installing central cooling

For a long time, I resisted the idea of installing a central cooling system into my home.

In the area where I live, the summer season only lasts a couple of months.

The long, cold winters are the priority. We often endure six months of temperatures below freezing. I spend a fortune on monthly heating bills. I wasn’t anxious to pay to operate an air conditioner as well. However, the brief summer weather is typically hot and extremely humid. The house becomes terribly overheated and sticky, making it impossible to relax or enjoy a decent night’s sleep. I worry about air quality and damage to home furnishings due to moisture and mold growth. I took the time to research modern air conditioners and was impressed by the SEER levels. Taking advantage of adaptable speed technology, newer air conditioners are quite energy efficient. The system automatically caters speed to the demands of the home. Rather than simply blasting at full blast, the equipment adjusts anywhere between 40 and 100% capacity, providing only the necessary amount of cooling. This saves money, improves dehumidification and keeps sound levels at a minimum. When I finally had central cooling installed into my home, I was amazed by the difference it made. My home is not only far more comfortable, but it feels healthier and smells better. I don’t need to clean as often and don’t suffer as many illnesses. Even when the weather is mild, I still use the fan of the air conditioner to circulate and filter the air.

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