My son is enrolling in an HVAC trade school

My son Ben is about to graduate from high school this June.

My wife and I have been concerned over his future plans.

He’s had a difficult time of deciding what he wants to do. We were hoping he would attend a four-year college and get a degree. I think that Ben would be well-suited to business and marketing, and it’s an expanding field. My wife tried to talk him into medical school. He was not interested in pursuing college. We were worried he would enter the workforce and be stuck at minimum wage. We were relieved when Ben finally decided to pursue a career as an HVAC serviceman. During his senior year, he’s been able to take a dual-credit course at a local trade school. He’s already begun his training as an HVAC professional. Once he graduates from high school, he will head straight into the HVAC certification program, skipping ahead of all the people who didn’t take the course. Ben explained that the Heating and Cooling field is a growing industry. People are always going to need heating, cooling and air quality systems for their homes and businesses. He will have a wide range of opportunities and can accept a job anywhere across the country. He’ll make a good living and have the possibility of starting his own company. My wife and I are thankful that our son has settled on a trade that will earn him a decent living. We are encouraging his choice and reminding him the importance of doing his best.

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