My wife plans to become an HVAC contractor

It is a job that she could do anywhere across the country.

My wife, Melanie, and I aren’t able to have children. Medically, it is not a possibility. When we first got married, I was already earning enough money for Melanie to stay at home. We were hoping to start our family right away. Melanie planned to take care of the kids and our home. Now that this plan has changed, Melanie is not happy spending her time at home. She gets bored and lonely and is looking for something constructive to do. We have been discussing the idea of her getting a job. I suggested she go back to school for her teaching degree or consider nursing. Melanie wasn’t interested. She wants to become certified as an HVAC contractor. She has no experience with heating, cooling or anything mechanical, so I’m not sure where this idea came from. Melanie told me that she’s watched the HVAC technicians work on our furnace and central cooling system. She finds the equipment interesting and realized that it costs us a fortune to hire a technician. The price of installing or repairing a heating or cooling system is super high. She has figured out that there will always be a need for the installation, maintenance and repair of heating and cooling equipment. It is a job that she could do anywhere across the country. The cost of becoming an HVAC serviceman is not all that high, so she wouldn’t need to worry about student loans. She could also complete the training quite quickly and get started on her career. Melanie just recently enrolled in an HVAC trade school, and she is doing well so far.

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