I wish I could get rid of my furnace

Furnaces require a great deal of maintenance.

I sometimes worry that my furnace is more work than is worth.

In the area where I live, the furnaces carries a heavy demand. When the outside temperature is down to twenty below, keeping a warm house is a struggle. The furnace keeps up, maintains a fairly even temperature and is quite energy efficient. Unfortunately, my furnace frequently stops working. It has modern safety features that prevent the system from overheating. If there’s any dust buildup within the inner workings, the heating system shuts down. If the air filter is even slightly dirty, the furnace won’t start up. If there’s any issues with contaminants in the ductwork, the furnace refuses to operate. The system is extremely energy efficient as well as sensitive. I constantly get email alerts from the smart thermostat, telling me to schedule maintenance. Because of the constant issues with the furnaces, I’ve learned how to resolve most of these problems myself. Calling a licensed professional every time the system required a quick cleaning was getting expensive. HVAC professionals charge a diagnostic fee just to show up. Their hourly rate is extremely high. Although the furnace is quite new, I wish I could afford to get rid of it. I would prefer to install a boiler and eliminate all this hassle. Boilers are known for being very low in maintenance and durable. They run on water instead of air, which eliminates all concerns over dust and other pollutants. There’s no ductwork and they operate quietly.


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