Pretending to repair our cooling system

I wanted to come up with an idea of how to propose to my girlfriend, Susan.

  • I am not good at surprises, and I am not the kind of person who plans events in advance.

I knew that if I told Susan were were going out to a fancy restaurant or taking a romantic vacation, she would automatically assume I was going to propose. I decided I could the cooling system to fool her. Susan knows nothing about cooling systems. I’m not sure if she even knows how to turn a breaker off. The plan was a little silly but simple. All I needed to do was turn the electric off to our cooling system and pretend to try an fix it. When I started the job on the cooling system, I asked Susan to hand me tools. Before I began working on the cooling system, I hid the engagement ring inside a set of screwdrivers. When I needed a screwdriver for the cooling unit, I Susan for it! She opened the toolbox and there was the ring! Susan was so excited, and she said yes. I then confessed that the cooling system had not actually malfunctioned. I explained that I had shut off the breaker so the cooling system would quit. She was thrilled to be engaged and also relieved that our cooling system was working. I then needed to put the cooling unit back together. Realizing a broken air conditioner isn’t all that romantic, I then took Susan out for an expensive dinner. I further surprised her with two plane tickets to a weekend getaway.

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