What exactly happens when you reach the perfect temperature

My friends and I often have discussions about what temperature is honestly the most perfect.

It seems there are natural indoor temperatures that would make us feel perfect, but many of us still save her being warmer or cooler.

If our body is normal temperature is 98.6 degrees, then it makes sense that. Temperature would be just as comfortable to us Outdoors. Unfortunately, during summer weather when the temperature is 98 degrees, people are inside of their house with the air conditioner trying to pull down. To my friends and I just makes very little sense at all. During the summer weather, our own temperature control is usually set on a cold temperature with constantly running air conditioners. The home is often cool because no one wears a little amount of clothes. My friends and I will sit around the house and a sweatshirt and also wear a heavy blanket. Our home focuses more on the winter weather, when we absolutely need to use the oil furnace all the time. Our modern home needs to be 75 degrees in order for the people I was with and myself to feel comfortable. 72° seems to be one of the best temperatures and just the one to have our human bodies driving. Maybe no studies will prove my point, but as an experienced person, it seems that the body’s natural heat plus air conditioner makes us want to stay closer to 75° then 95°. It will always be an issue as long as we have different styles of heaters and air conditioners.

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