My gym leader is a total schmuck

The people I was with and myself were very surprised

The people I was with and myself did not believe air conditioners would ever be important. It seemed that this was just in the beginning a single 5 to cool down indoor air during tepid summer mornings. Know one of the people believe that this would be abused to make many modern people comfortable in these air conditioning settings. My own gym leader is entirely the single person who always makes us miserable due to using the air conditioner. Our callisthenics class was held during this week in the morning, and we decided to work on some swimming and water aerobics. The warm water in our pool is just a tad over 70, but the room and its entirety is controlled with a heating and air conditioning component. The people I was with and myself expected that the room would be nice and warm by the time we got out of the pool. Unfortunately, the teachers are entirely preferred to keep the air conditioner running instead of the heat. When the people I was with and myself finally got out of the swimming pool, we were frigid and freezing and shivering. The people I was with and myself started to complain to the teacher about the lack of warm air and he just gave us a Blank Stare. The people I was with and myself were very surprised. The indoor temperature was still 66 degrees when our friends and I were swimming outside in temperatures of 42 degrees. Surely the gym teacher should have turned on the heater for all of us to get out of the pool.

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