Modern home air conditioners are unnecessary

Since being born, many of us have had the opportunity to see a world without an air conditioner.

When the people I was with and myself were born, Our Generation didn’t have a refrigerator, air conditioner, or any other unique cooling device.

Most of the common facts were that the only places that had heat or air-conditioning were luxurious markets or department stores. I spent most of my beginning years without a proper heater or cooler. The people I was with and myself were consistently belief that the air conditioner was not necessary. My parents even decided to build their house on top of a hill so they could use the natural gust of wind to create a flow of air inside of their home. They still don’t have an air conditioner at home to this day. Many studies can show that people would live comfortably without any of these air conditioning devices, but it doesn’t necessarily say that they will live perfectly. Air conditioners are necessary when building a modern scaffolding for homes respectfully. Holmes took these types of things into account back in the 50s, what locations are no longer important when you can control the elements on your own. Sellers are no longer important either, as refrigerators have placed the need to keep food underground in a cool area. Even the air conditioners in today’s lives get people to spend time Outdoors + still enjoy this luxury of goal are. It is sad to think of some folks taking an air conditioner out to go camping in the woods.



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