When the lights go down and don't come out

I was recently completely floored when someone asked myself and others a single question.

It happened to be a huge discussion by it many of us when we heard the affront question.

What would myself and others seem to do if our civilization no longer had any modern electricity. A lot of my friends and family members honestly suggested that power would bring our country to a screaming halt if there was no way at all. Many of the top industries would go down the drain due to the lack of no modern electricity. As a person working in the heating + air conditioning industry, I can say that I would suffer directly. Without any power to restore heat or air conditioning, my job would be absolutely absolutely. Even the grocery stores would be completely gone, as the air conditioner plus refrigerants are necessary to run every single one of those stores. In fact it seems that many food places would be rather unsustainable. Within many mornings they lack of power, folks relying on restaurants and Grocers would now have starved. My family and I are full of folks that have lived in places that have good air conditioners. We have learned a lot of skills any of those things are done in offices that have air conditioning. Many of the informational tunnels would not last without being able to cool down all of those Electronics. The single greatest cause of the death would probably be going without those luxuries like electric powered heat and cool air.

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