A very romantic dinner

When I was still in college, I had this wild crush on a girl.

  • She was the girl that every guy in school sought after.

I knew that I couldn’t afford to wine and dine her. I could barely afford to get McDonald’s for myself. I really wanted to ask her out and to do something special for her. I talked to my dad about what I could do that was romantic and he told me that his first date with mom was on the beach. They had gone to Tampa Bay for the date and he had a picnic all set up for them. I thought that sounded cool and since I only had 20 dollars left, I knew it had to be someplace amazing. My dad had a friend who owned a yacht and he offered to allow me to use the yacht for my picnic, but I had to clean up afterward. I asked Julie if she would go out with me and she actually said yes. She seemed impressed that I had the picnic set up on the yacht. I told her that it belonged to a friend of my dad and I had to clean up the mess afterward. She started to laugh. She said she loved Tampa Bay and that this was a perfect evening. Tampa Bay didn’t fail me. We had wine, chocolate and McDonald’s cheeseburgers. We laughed a lot and then we walked along the beach at Tampa Bay. That was ten years ago and we still take long walks along the Tampa Bay beaches. Now she is my wife, but that first date was the best ever.

St. Petersburg