Our kids are awesome

My husband and I have been trying to figure out the perfect Christmas gift for our sixteen-year-old daughters.

We knew exactly what they wanted for their gift.

They had this favorite band that was coming to Tampa, Florida for a concert. My fear was that the concert would make it late at night for them to come home. I knew they could both drive well but I didn’t like that they would be driving so late at night. I also didn’t like that they would be in Tampa all night by themselves if we left them drive and stay in a hotel room. My husband and I did a lot of chatting about how to give them the tickets and let them go to Tampa for the concert, and still feel safe about their going. We thought that if we were to drop them off at the concert, we could go out and enjoy the nightlife in Tampa, and pick them up when they called. We could get a hotel suite near where the concert was, and we could all enjoy a weekend in Tampa. I called to make sure we could get a suite, or at least two rooms that were close together. After getting the reservations in Tampa for the weekend, we bought the concert tickets. They were so happy with our Christmas gift to them. They didn’t even mind the conditions that went along with the concert tickets. They were making plans on what to do with the rest of the weekend in Tampa.



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