I’m Seeing a Personal Trainer For Back Pain

I got in a pretty bad vehicle accident multiple years ago plus my back got all messed up.

I have been waking up with such terrible back pain and I care hardly get out of bed. I’ve been to nurses, chiropractors and massage therapists, but none of them have helped the pain levels. As a last ditch effort, I went to a body reclaim program at the body wellness center near me. The reclaim program is run by a couple certified fitness experts and they have a group fitness class. Everyone in the group suffers from a physical pain weekly. Typically, people in these classes are older folks that want to keep their muscles as they age. There are a few people who have work related injuries and need to gain strength to return to work. The people I’ve been with are an unusual mix, but I love my body reclaim classes. My personal trainer is so much fun and he has us do a lot of partner exercises and rotates who we work with. Some days I get to work with a 74 year outdated woman that hits on me, and other days I work with a man who got his leg crushed while at work. It’s fun talking to people and seeing everyone’s progress. I’m way more adjusted and have better balance now! When I wake up each day, my back is tight still, but I know what to do about it. I have stretches that my personal trainer gave me at the fitness classes, and I do them every day! After I stretch plus warm my muscles up, I’m good to go about my day. I no longer get affected by that each day.
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