I Worked With a Personal Trainer On My Back

I got into a terrible automobile accident two years ago and my back was screwed up.

I used to wake up with such immense back pain that I didn’t think I could physically get out of bed.

I went to chiropractors, medical professionals, and massage therapists, but nothing helped with the pain. As a last ditch effort, I signed up for a total body recovery program at the body wellness center in my town. The recovery program was run by a certified fitness expert and was a group fitness class. Everyone in the group suffered from physical pain constantly. Typically, the people in the class would be older folks that wanted to keep muscles as they aged. There were a couple of other people who had work related injuries that wanted to return to work. All of us made a weird mix, but I adored my body recovery class. My personal trainer was so much fun. The girl had us do a lot of partner exercises and rotated who everyone worked with. Some afternoons, I worked with a 72 year woman that hit on me or a middle age woman who got her leg crushed while laboring in a warehouse. It was a lot of fun talking to people and seeing the progress almost everyone was making. I am way more adjustable and have better balance now. When I wake up in the morning, my back isn’t as tight, and I recognize what to do now. I have stretches that my personal trainer gave me, which I do dailey. After I stretch and warm up, I feel wonderful to go about my day. I’m no longer affected by that on a terrible day in my life.

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