There’s no way I will let thieves destroy my HVAC equipment

There’s no way I will let thieves destroy my HVAC equipment

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It has been one of the weirdest years on record for me.

The pandemic plus the resulting fall out has turned our lives totally upside down.

My adolescents are actually studying from home. My fiance lost her task plus I am now working from the HVAC comfort of our property instead of my office. There have been all types of changes plus hazards to face. However, I never expected that I would have to worry about thieves ripping the copper out of our HVAC equipment. But that is basically what has been happening lately. Luckily, it hasn’t gotten to us. Yet, there are multiple reports of thieves who are totally destroying the entire HVAC compressor plus condenser equipment outside. They are doing this in order to get their hands on the copper tubing inside. Never mind that in doing so, they are easily destroying thousands of dollars worth of HVAC equipment. It’s basically akin to having your vehicle robbed plus then set on fire. It’s really beyond senseless. The instances of this happening forced myself and others to take some crucial preventive measures. With the year the bunch of us have had I don’t suppose I could handle some fool trashing our HVAC equipment. If I caught them I’d certainly go to jail for assault. Instead, I went online to find a way to protect our HVAC investment. What I found was a cage that actually fits completely over the HVAC equipment outside our property. I put some eye bolts in the concrete pad so I could then lock that steel cage down over the HVAC equipment. Man, I sure hope 2021 turns out to be better. It honestly just has to.

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