As I Get Older, I Seem to Be Chilly More Frequently

I can’t help but notice how little aged ladies regularly seem to be wearing a blazer? Ever since I was a kid, I have noticed this, and I live in a southern state.

Trust me, it seems harshly odd to see folks wearing a blazer in September. All I want to do in September is turn the temperature setting on the temperature control ever lower! The air conditioner is my best friend throughout most of the year down here. This is especially true in the summer, though, because the temperature often reads in or near triple digits! Being able to love the pleasures of air conditioning breathing its cool breath on me is a pleasure for sure I realize that I am actually blessed indeed. Many folks in other countries would have no such pleasures. I will admit, though, that being cold more often may be a plus. That means that as people get older, people require less air conditioning. Therefore people save a few bucks every week. Perhaps the little aged ladies who set their temperature controls on 78 have extra cash to burn after they have paid their utilities off. Personally, the air conditioning eats up most of my otherwise disposable income each year. I remember my mom, before she passed, was never hot. Whenever I visited with her, I was dying to adjust the temperature controller. Out of respect to her, I did not. It was regularly fantastic to get in the car plus blast that air conditioning right on my face after I have sat with her for any length of time.
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