HVAC industry offers a wide range of heating and cooling options

Some industries seem to just disappear.

One area where there seems to be continual growth is the HVAC industry.

People always need heating and cooling equipment and services. In the home and workplace, all across the country, HVAC is a priority. It not only affects comfort but health and budget. Given the growing demand for quality heating air conditioning across all parts of the country, there has been an unprecedented level of growth in the industry. Manufacturers are offering all sorts of innovations to trim energy costs and improve efficiency levels. While they are required to comply with strict government regulations, most manufacturers are going above and beyond. Advances in technology have achieved exceptional efficiency ratings. They further offer superior safety features, air filtration and control over the indoor environment. Cooling systems now handle dehumidification and air filtration. Furnaces are no longer in danger of overheating and won’t overly dry out the air. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling capacity. There are now geothermal heat pumps that create four times more energy than the equipment uses. Heat pumps and furnaces can be combined into a dual fuel system for year round cost savings. High velocity heating and cooling systems are designed for older homes and preserve architectural integrity. Using very narrow and flexible ducts, this type of whole-home temperature control can be installed without tearing down walls. VRF systems are gaining popularity and offer the option of simultaneous heating and cooling. Along with versatility in heating and cooling, there are now a long list of air quality accessories available.
Smart HVAC