I always turn our a/c down to dry out the condo when using caulk

I always turn our a/c down to dry out the condo when using caulk

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I have had an endless list of chores to tackle this past week.

It started with throwing a new coat of paint on the outside of our house.

When I painted it 10 years ago, I opted to buy cheap paint without considering the longevity. It looks so bad from the road that you can see the aged paint showing underneath the layer of white I poorly painted. It took numerous days of constant back chopping labor to finish the entire project. My next task was removing all of our section carpets & cleaning them in the backyard. I put them over our fence, vacuum out all of the dust & dirt, & after that every one of us blast them with our power washer. It takes a few hours in the sun to get them to dry fully, so I always make sure to start the chore as early in the day as I can reasonably manage. Once that was finished, I then had a single final chore to complete. All of the sinks, showers & window sills in our condo needed to be resealed with silicone caulk. It’s not the hardest task in the world, but it’s time consuming & takes a degree of patience that not all possess. On top of the labor involved—all of crouching, awkward bending, & fitting into slender spaces—you must give it several hours before putting on additional coats. Periodically you’re blessed & it only takes a single, other times you have to add several or four. This makes the whole process harshly time consuming. To speed things up, I always make sure to turn our a/c to a low temperature to accomplish two tasks at once. It keeps a strong air circulation in the condo while the a/c also naturally pulls moisture from the air. When your condo is below 50% humidity, it harshly cuts into the time it takes for most caulk to fully dry. It might be the best way to dry out your indoor air without outright using a dehumidifier of some sort obstructed into a normal wall outlet. Periodically your heating & cooling system can be used for untraditional tasks.


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