Going rock climbing is better with temperature control

After six months of nothing but work, I decided I needed a break.

I had plenty of vacation time I could take off from work, so I took ten days for myself.

I didn’t want to simply lay around the house and do nothing. I wanted to try something new and maybe have an adventure. I struggled to think of anything. I started researching online for ideas for a fun vacation. I came across a blog that was all about rock-climbing, I wanted to give this activity a try. I checked my area for rock-climbing walls and found that there is a great place very close to where I live. I had the opportunity to go rock-climbing for free. If I felt comfortable climbing up the side of a mountain, the experience wouldn’t cost me anything. However, I preferred the idea of a safe rock-climbing adventure. I didn’t want to get hurt if I had any difficulties. When I arrived at the location I was surprised to discover that the rock-climbing walls were located outside. I was expecting to be in a climate controlled space. I was planning on air conditioning and artificial turf. It was a warm day and climbing in the sunshine was going to make for a sweaty experience. I decided to give the rock climbing a try anyway and had a fantastic time. I spent several hours climbing. However, the heat was a problem. Since then, I have gone climbing nearly every weekend. I have found a location with interior climbing walls. The place maintains a perfectly cool temperature. They have the air conditioner running in the summer months and heating for the winter months. Someday, I would like to try climbing an actual mountain. For now, I will enjoy all the safety features and comfort of an indoor venue.

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