Air conditioner quits completely because of lack of maintenance

My home feels as if it’s over a hundred degrees inside. All I have is the open windows to try and cool it off. For the past two months, I ignored the weird sounds my air conditioner was making. The system almost sounded as if it was wheezing. I was extremely busy and preoccupied with work, so I just kept putting off scheduling service for the air conditioner. I was also aware that repair would result in a pretty heft bill. I did not want to deal with the time or expense involved in professional service. I simply hoped the air conditioner would manage to work the problem out on its own. Finally, after listening to the cooling system struggle, I finally decided to call for repair. I planned to call an HVAC provider after work and set up a time for them to perform air conditioner service. I should have taken care of the problems with the air conditioner way back in the spring. Unfortunately, the air conditioner completely quit before the technician arrived. When he inspected the failed cooling system, he said that the problems were all the result of a lack of maintenance. The buildup of dust and other contaminants had put so much strain on the components that there was extensive damage. He told me that fixing the air conditioner would cost more than purchasing a whole new system. I definitely can’t afford to install a new cooling system at this point in time. I am now without air conditioning entirely. I’m saving up and hoping I’ll be able to afford a cooling system next year.