Deciding to replace my old furnace

This past winter was especially cold and brutal.

Several times, I ended up baking pies, just to use the oven to heat up the house a bit.

At least the kitchen wasn’t quite so chilly for a little while. My gas furnace was over twenty years old and not capable of handling the demand. It didn’t matter how high I adjusted the thermostat. The old furnace made a tremendous amount of noise but provided very little warm air. It also cost me a fortune to operate. I really didn’t think that I could afford a new furnace. However, I added up the monthly costs for heating my home and realized that a new, high-efficiency furnace would save a tremendous amount of money. Plus, the local HVAC contractor offered low-interest financing. I carefully researched the many options available on the market. I read the consumer reports on the different manufacturers and models. I also checked customer reviews and consulted with family members and friends. I decided to invest a little extra money for a higher AFUE ratings and some innovative features. I knew that a higher efficiency meant lower monthly energy bills. Plus, extra features such as zone control would also help to trim running costs. I no longer need to maintain unoccupied rooms as the ideal temperature. I no longer need to bake things in the oven to warm up the kitchen. Although the new furnace was quite expensive and I’ll be making payments for quite a while, I am thrilled with it. No matter how extreme the winter weather, my home is perfectly comfortable. Plus, the new furnace is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so I don’t need to worry about the cost of a sudden repair.