Cat messes with the controls of my new air conditioner

Recently I have been looking into different types of air conditioning units.

I don’t have enough money to make a mistake when I finally buy an air conditioner.

I have spoken with various family members and visited their houses to feel the performance of the air conditioner for myself. I haven’t found a specific make or model of air conditioner I like any better than the others. I eventually settled for a small portable AC unit. I figured that at least I could move it around to different areas in the apartment. When I brought the new air conditioner home, my cat took an interest in it. Most cats are curious by nature. My cat is especially this way. Everything new must be sniffed and checked out by her. My cat gave the air conditioner a careful inspection before walking off. I assumed she was done with it. I work from home, so I installed the air conditioner into the window in my home office. I enjoyed the flow of cool air while I worked. Although the air conditioner is quite small, it provides a great deal of temperature control. I needed to run a quick errand that day. When I returned to my apartment, I saw that my cat was sitting on the air conditioner. She was toying with the controls. She had managed to adjust the setting so that the air conditioner was blasting at maximum capacity. Although I shooed the cat away, and turned the air conditioner down, this same problem happened several more times. I finally had to place duct tape over the controls to prevent the cat from messing with them.


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