Weird dreams about my air conditioner

People think that I’m odd, and maybe I am. But I was convinced that in my last apartment, my air conditioner was haunted! I don’t often tell people about it because they immediately think I’m crazy. Because of the haunted Air conditioner and some other things that happened, I decided to move out. I had moved into my former apartment in early Springtime last year. Tor the first couple of months everything was fine. I purchased a portable air conditioner for the window, to keep my bedroom cool and help me to sleep better at night. I woke up around midnight, feeling sweaty and realized my air conditioner was gone. I figured that I must have forgotten to put it back in the window after cleaning it. I found it in the kitchen and I hauled it back in my bedroom. I installed the cooling unit back into the window and went to sleep. Later on, the same thing happened. I once again found the cooling unit in the kitchen. I was starting to get freaked out. I live alone so there was no friends or family members relocating the air conditioner. I also thought I heard footsteps right outside my bedroom door. I wasn’t sure if the whole thing was just a bad dream, but I kept a baseball bat beside the bed after that. The last straw was when some of my favorite clothes went missing. Although I still hadn’t finished unpacking all of my stuff in my bedroom, I couldn’t locate several of my shirts. After I moved into a new apartment and finally unpacked, I found all of the missing items. I figured that the incident with the air conditioner was just a dream. I still felt more comfortable in a new apartment.