Arguing with roommate about location of portable air conditioner.

I was given a roommate last year when I arrived for my junior year at college.

Sheila and I quickly became friends and we started doing all our school activities together. We are sometimes mistaken for sisters, because Sheila and I are so much alike. I was thankful to be done roommate searching. With every other roommate I have had, there has been a problem. I had a very quiet girl who used to sleep in the closet. I had a very weird girl, who frequently wore my clothes and stole all my socks. I also had a roommate who was a smoker. Smoking isn’t permitted on campus, but she would smoke in our room. I’ve been relieved to have a normal roommate for once. Sheila didn’t appear to have any noticeable problems. However, like most roommates, Sheila and I eventually ran into a minor problem. In the college dorms, some of the air conditioning vents are sealed shut. The building is old and the cooling system isn’t the best. Sheila and I couldn’t get the vents in our room to open. We complained and were given a compact portable air conditioning to offset the problem. This began to cause issues between me and my roommate. We couldn’t decide where the air conditioning should be placed. I personally felt it should be installed in the main room where we would both enjoy it. Sheila insisted that we should take turns with it in our individual bedrooms. I didn’t want it blowing in my face one night and then sweat to death the next night. I don’t want to carry the air conditioner back and forth every day. Sheila and I still haven’t come to an agreement on where to install the air conditioner.


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