Crashing my RC plane into the air conditioner

I clean it up, hoping my parents wouldn’t know

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a passion for building. From Legos to building blocks and truly anything else, I’ve always really liked construction things. This interest only expanded as I got older. My self-taught building processes gradually became more complicated. For my 15th birthday, my father bought me an RC plane. I just loved it, and it made me want to build my own plane. I watched online videos and tutorials, but they didn’t help that much! So I took my plane apart to figure out how it worked. It took me several hours to take it apart and reassemble it again. I eventually began to understand the basic principles. I began buying the necessary materials and constructing my own plane. It flew fairly well, but I was sure I could do better. I kept investing in better materials to replace specific parts. I built my first model a year after I received my first RC plane. I painted it red and black. I took the plane out in my yard to demonstrate for my friends how well it flew. While I could fly my little plane quite well fairly well, I started getting a bit carried away. I operated my plane so that it performed tricks in mid air. My friends were super impressed. I was too. I had that little plane spin around in mid air, and circle around the air conditioner. This is where I made a mistake. The wing of the plane just nicked the air conditioning cabinet at the top. The plane got knocked right into the cooling system. It ended up getting shredded to pieces and caused a huge mess. I clean it up, hoping my parents wouldn’t know. They found out and were not happy that I might have destroyed the air conditioning system. I was more careful after that. That was the end of my first RC plane.



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