I kind of feel like we all worship the same wonderful God at the end of the day

Sometimes I wonder what the big deal is with there being so many different religions.

I feel that at the end of the day, the majority of us agree on most of the same things.

Even though we have different types of scriptures like the Bible, Karan, The Book of Mormon, and other various types of holy books, don’t we all believe in a higher being that looks out for us that we know as our God? We are all still humans and we all have needs in this world. We need to fill ourselves with food when we’re hungry, and spiritual enlightenment when our spirit is hungry for righteous knowledge and comfort. We all for the most part enjoy excellent temperature control settings too! When we go to church, usually the temperature control settings are just right. I’m not sure if it is this way at all churches, but our church is always so comfortable because they take great care of the HVAC system. I feel that the more comfortable everybody is with the perfect temperature control settings, the more we can feel the love of God upon us. The thing is, I want to go and see what things are like at other churches. Ever since watching this movie called ‘The Life of Pi’ I was inspired by how this kid joined all the different religions and felt all the Gods had relevance in his life. I kind of agree with that way of thinking because I feel that all these people wouldn’t be lining up for worship if these various Gods weren’t extremely important. Why not be introduced to the lot of them? At the end of the day though, I kind of feel like it’s all the same one God we serve.


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