Will things ever stop going wrong in my home?

It seems like I am always coming across some sort of complication.

  • If I don’t have something going wrong with my car, it’s something in my house and sometimes it’s a problem with the actual house.

It wasn’t too long ago when I had a leak in my garage from the roof. I realized that the roof tiles were pretty old, so I had to have the roof replaced. This is a very costly job even if you are only doing it for your garage. I actually have a detached garage and the roof seemingly was done a different time from when the house of the main roof was done. The roof of the main house looks great and will last another 15 years or so I’m sure. When I did get my garage taken care of, I realized I wanted to spend more time in there so I had an HVAC company install a ductless mini-split HVAC. That was really nice because it’s an energy efficient HVAC and it provides both heating and cooling. When I had all this done, then I unfortunately experienced a problem with my central HVAC system. I learned from the HVAC technician that my thermostat was actually going haywire because it was so old. It was not able to read the temperature correctly like it used to and so I had to upgrade my thermostat. I ended up going for a smart thermostat as I learned this would save me up to 10% on my energy bills. I was pleased to get a smart thermostat, but honestly, will things ever stop going wrong in my home?

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