It’s like I was prompted by God to find the answers to my HVAC troubles

I think it’s very important to keep a relationship with God.

This is why everybody should pray every single day morning and night and also throughout the day.

They always say you should even keep a prayer in your heart so that you are always in tune with God. I always wonder about things and when I wonder, I tend to ask God in my mind what’s going on with this and that. I remember one time I even asked what I should do about the noise with my HVAC system. I’m not saying I’m a divine prophet or anything like that, but I felt prompted to check my computer and lookup HVAC maintenance DIY videos. I learned so much from watching various DIY HVAC videos and I was able to get my HVAC system working okay again. I certainly am no expert when it comes to heating and cooling related things, but those videos were pretty thorough when it came to changing the air filters and cleaning the HVAC equipment out safely. They of course suggest changing parts for the experts, so that’s something I would definitely call an HVAC professional for. I also learned that it’s important to get HVAC system tune-ups regularly so you never experience a serious problem with your HVAC system when you truly need it the most. I definitely have taken that advice to heart and I could never go without following all the HVAC maintenance recommendations. I also know to get my ductwork cleaned out at least once every other year, that’s important for your air quality.



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