Becoming a homeowner definitely has its challenges

I thought that homeownership was going to be super awesome, and sometimes, it is.

It is awesome not having to pay rent and not worrying about keeping the rules of the landlord. I can fix anything, change anything, paint anything, and remodel anything that I want without having to get approval. Unfortunately, there are some challenges that come with owning your own home. One of the biggest challenges for me was making sure that I take care of the HVAC units. When I was renting, I didn’t even think about the furnace or the central air conditioner. The only thing that I ever worried about was turning the HVAC units when it was necessary. I knew that there were simple things that I could do for the HVAC units to prevent breakdowns, but that wasn’t my responsibility. If something broke because of a lack of preventative maintenance, it was my landlord’s responsibility to call the HVAC technician. He was the one responsible for all of the HVAC units. When I first became a homeowner, I started learning that there were actually things that I needed to do to keep my HVAC units running. Sometimes, I would forget, and I would have to call an HVAC technician to clean up the mess that followed. I have never gotten used to the prices that HVAC technicians charge for their work. That is why I have HVAC technicians over to inspect my HVAC units first. I save money that way, and it takes some of the work out of my hands. Still, I would never go back to renting.
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