Difference in good a/c quality can make in business meeting

I’ve run a small business inherited to me by my father, for over 5 years now.

While I am still learning things, I’ve mostly got a grasp on how everything runs.

One of my biggest challenges, is actually finding people willing to work. Even with the people who do work, they usually will seem distracted when during their work, and the quality just won’t come out as well as it could’ve been. I always thought that the people I was hiring was just lazy, or people in general nowadays are just lazy. But after multiple people being fired for being continuously lazy, I figured out the reason why everyone isn’t working as the should. One thing I noticed is that everyone seems to be overheated. Some of my employees have visibly fanned themselves in front of me. So, in trying to solve this, I had an HVAC supplier come and suggest ideas for an HVAC system. Within a day, I had a new air conditioning unit up and running, I even had a heating system installed as well. While the overall price wasn’t pretty, I started noticing a change almost immediately in how my employees acted. They worked harder and seemed brighter. Conversation carried a natural flow instead of blank expressions during our meetings, and new ideas were able to be expressed easier. I had no idea having an HVAC machine could have such an impact on the way people worked, I will definitely keep this in mind whenever it is too hot or cold. I wished I had thought of this sooner.