I learnt the hard way to be environmentally friendly

I used to be one of those people, one of those guilty people who would toss their trash outside in the grass outside rather than make a trip to a trash can that was five feet away.

I also used to smoke and never in recycle.

I wish I could say that I decided to become a saint and start helping the earth, but no, I had to learn the hard way. My dog while outside had found an old soda can I threw outside and decided to attempt to eat it. I didn’t know until it was too late, until the can had already tore up his insides and he died while the vet was attempting to stop the bleeding. The guilt was crushing, as I realized if I just got off my lazy arse and threw the can away like I was supposed to, that never would have happened. I wondered how many animals ate the trash I threw away and died a horrible death. Ever since, I have been seeking new ways to keep the environment clean. I’ve started volunteering to clean up trash around parks and communities, and it’s really opened up my eyes how bad litter is, it was everywhere! It was like a game of minefield for animals. I quit smoking, and I bought a recycling bin. I’ve also tried to be more environmentally friendly inside my own home. I had a new cooling system installed that had a much better EER rate than my previous one did. I changed out my a/c filters more often, so my air was much cleaner as well. Apart from talking to HVAC professionals and changing my heating and cooling machines, I hope others also learn to become environmentally friendly.
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