People tend to complain about the cost of heating and cooling services

I frequently attend training courses, which aren’t free

I work as an HVAC serviceman. I deal with a lot of different types of people and demands. I handle both residential and commercial heating, cooling and air quality services. I am certified to provide new installation, equipment replacement, maintenance and repair of all makes and models. Because my company offers emergency services, I am frequently on-call around the clock. When the outside temperature is well below freezing and the heating system quits, people are in a big rush to get it fixed. Unfortunately, I deal with frequent complaints about the cost of service. I try to explain that the prices aren’t up to me. The industry determines the price for modern heating and cooling systems. Since the equipment has gotten more technologically advanced, it’s more expensive to purchase. However, these systems achieve far greater efficiency levels. They cost less to run and typically recover the initial investment. As for the cost of labor, that’s decided by the company I work for. On top of my wage, they have health insurance to cover and the investment into specialized tools and service vehicles. As the heating and cooling equipment has become more complex, so as our tools of the trade. As a technician, I need to keep up with these changes. I frequently attend training courses, which aren’t free. While I understand that clients aren’t thrilled with the high cost of heating and cooling services, they fail to realize all that is required. I try to make up for it by doing the best job possible. I work hard to ensure their heating and cooling systems operate as efficiently and reliably as possible.

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Problems with air quality are resolved with duct cleaning

When I first started having concerns with indoor air quality, I thought that the air conditioner was the problem. The air coming from the vents had a musty smell and was definitely introducing contaminants into the home. I was forced to vacuum, dust and clean far more often. My family started complaining of difficulty sleeping and headaches. I noticed that whenever the air conditioner started up, we’d all sneeze or cough. I hired an HVAC professional to repair the air conditioner and he found that the issue was the duct system. I had never given the duct system a thought, so it had never been serviced. Over the years, a great deal of debris had built up within the pipes. The HVAC professional found a significant accumulation of dust, pollen, bugs, webs, construction debris and even decomposing rodents. Whenever the cooling system operated, the air would pass through this contaminated network of pipes and pick up dust, mold spores, bacteria and other allergens. Plus, the buildup was restricting airflow and forcing the air conditioner to work a lot harder to manage comfort. The HVAC professional completed a thorough duct cleaning. He used a very large machine that resembled a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. He explained that the brush would dislodge stubborn contaminants that would then be sucked into the hose. The duct cleaning process was fairly quick and created no mess or damage. Although the service was rather costly, it has made a significant difference in my monthly electric bills. The energy savings will quickly recover the investment.


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I resisted installing central cooling

For a long time, I resisted the idea of installing a central cooling system into my home.

In the area where I live, the summer season only lasts a couple of months.

The long, cold winters are the priority. We often endure six months of temperatures below freezing. I spend a fortune on monthly heating bills. I wasn’t anxious to pay to operate an air conditioner as well. However, the brief summer weather is typically hot and extremely humid. The house becomes terribly overheated and sticky, making it impossible to relax or enjoy a decent night’s sleep. I worry about air quality and damage to home furnishings due to moisture and mold growth. I took the time to research modern air conditioners and was impressed by the SEER levels. Taking advantage of adaptable speed technology, newer air conditioners are quite energy efficient. The system automatically caters speed to the demands of the home. Rather than simply blasting at full blast, the equipment adjusts anywhere between 40 and 100% capacity, providing only the necessary amount of cooling. This saves money, improves dehumidification and keeps sound levels at a minimum. When I finally had central cooling installed into my home, I was amazed by the difference it made. My home is not only far more comfortable, but it feels healthier and smells better. I don’t need to clean as often and don’t suffer as many illnesses. Even when the weather is mild, I still use the fan of the air conditioner to circulate and filter the air.

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I am planning to become an HVAC professional

I am currently in my senior year of high school.

It took me awhile to figure out what I want to do after graduation.

College didn’t seem like the right path for me, but I didn’t want to settle for a minimum wage job. I like to work with my hands and had considered becoming an auto mechanic. I ended up taking an HVAC dual-credit course through my high school simply because it fit into my schedule. I figured the HVAC course would fulfill one of my required electives for graduation. I found out that if I then enrolled in the HVAC trade school afterward, I would already have credits that would count towards certification. The more I considered becoming an HVAC serviceman, the more I liked the idea. As an HVAC contractor, I would never be out of a job. People are always going to need someone to install, replace, fix and service their heating and cooling systems. I will have the ability to take a job anywhere across the country. I might even want to someday start my own HVAC service company. After high school graduation, I will still have classes to take every afternoon. However, I’ll also work with an HVAC serviceman as an apprentice. I’ll learn the ins and outs of the trade while getting paid for the job. The certification courses are not overly expenses, so I’ll avoid huge student loans. I’ll enter the workforce much sooner than if I were to go after a college degree.

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My son is enrolling in an HVAC trade school

My son Ben is about to graduate from high school this June.

My wife and I have been concerned over his future plans.

He’s had a difficult time of deciding what he wants to do. We were hoping he would attend a four-year college and get a degree. I think that Ben would be well-suited to business and marketing, and it’s an expanding field. My wife tried to talk him into medical school. He was not interested in pursuing college. We were worried he would enter the workforce and be stuck at minimum wage. We were relieved when Ben finally decided to pursue a career as an HVAC serviceman. During his senior year, he’s been able to take a dual-credit course at a local trade school. He’s already begun his training as an HVAC professional. Once he graduates from high school, he will head straight into the HVAC certification program, skipping ahead of all the people who didn’t take the course. Ben explained that the Heating and Cooling field is a growing industry. People are always going to need heating, cooling and air quality systems for their homes and businesses. He will have a wide range of opportunities and can accept a job anywhere across the country. He’ll make a good living and have the possibility of starting his own company. My wife and I are thankful that our son has settled on a trade that will earn him a decent living. We are encouraging his choice and reminding him the importance of doing his best.

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My wife plans to become an HVAC contractor

It is a job that she could do anywhere across the country.

My wife, Melanie, and I aren’t able to have children. Medically, it is not a possibility. When we first got married, I was already earning enough money for Melanie to stay at home. We were hoping to start our family right away. Melanie planned to take care of the kids and our home. Now that this plan has changed, Melanie is not happy spending her time at home. She gets bored and lonely and is looking for something constructive to do. We have been discussing the idea of her getting a job. I suggested she go back to school for her teaching degree or consider nursing. Melanie wasn’t interested. She wants to become certified as an HVAC contractor. She has no experience with heating, cooling or anything mechanical, so I’m not sure where this idea came from. Melanie told me that she’s watched the HVAC technicians work on our furnace and central cooling system. She finds the equipment interesting and realized that it costs us a fortune to hire a technician. The price of installing or repairing a heating or cooling system is super high. She has figured out that there will always be a need for the installation, maintenance and repair of heating and cooling equipment. It is a job that she could do anywhere across the country. The cost of becoming an HVAC serviceman is not all that high, so she wouldn’t need to worry about student loans. She could also complete the training quite quickly and get started on her career. Melanie just recently enrolled in an HVAC trade school, and she is doing well so far.

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I’d like to replace both the Heating and A/C units

I would like to replace the heating and cooling system in my home. The furnace is over eighteen years old and the air conditioner is even older. They were both already in place when I purchased the home. They had not been properly cared for. Although I’ve been very conscientious about professional maintenance and air filter changes, the heating and cooling units are starting to fail. They have lasted far longer than expected and probably should have been replaced years ago. The furnace tends to make quite a bit of noise when it operates. It spews dust into the air, dries out the indoor environment and only achieved an 80% AFUE rating when it was brand new. It is a single stage model, meaning that it can only operate at a single speed. Because of this, the furnace creates unpleasant temperature fluctuations throughout the day. The air conditioner makes the house smell musty whenever it runs. It is definitely a threat to air quality. The air conditioner no longer puts out sufficient cool air to keep up on especially hot and humid days. Despite running just about non stop, the house often feels overheated and sticky. My monthly electric bills are always very high. I’ve been looking into the different models of modern furnaces and air conditioners on the market. The efficiency levels are very impressive. I would certainly save money on my monthly bills. However, these technologically advanced heating and cooling options are rather expensive. Replacing both the furnace and air conditioner is going to cost me a fortune. Plus, I should really invest in a thorough duct sealing before installing new heating and cooling equipment.


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I wish I could get rid of my furnace

Furnaces require a great deal of maintenance.

I sometimes worry that my furnace is more work than is worth.

In the area where I live, the furnaces carries a heavy demand. When the outside temperature is down to twenty below, keeping a warm house is a struggle. The furnace keeps up, maintains a fairly even temperature and is quite energy efficient. Unfortunately, my furnace frequently stops working. It has modern safety features that prevent the system from overheating. If there’s any dust buildup within the inner workings, the heating system shuts down. If the air filter is even slightly dirty, the furnace won’t start up. If there’s any issues with contaminants in the ductwork, the furnace refuses to operate. The system is extremely energy efficient as well as sensitive. I constantly get email alerts from the smart thermostat, telling me to schedule maintenance. Because of the constant issues with the furnaces, I’ve learned how to resolve most of these problems myself. Calling a licensed professional every time the system required a quick cleaning was getting expensive. HVAC professionals charge a diagnostic fee just to show up. Their hourly rate is extremely high. Although the furnace is quite new, I wish I could afford to get rid of it. I would prefer to install a boiler and eliminate all this hassle. Boilers are known for being very low in maintenance and durable. They run on water instead of air, which eliminates all concerns over dust and other pollutants. There’s no ductwork and they operate quietly.


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I need to be more conseravite with the cooling system

Lately, I have become especially concerned with the cost of running the cooling system.

I rely on the cooling unit way too much.

When I was a kid, we never even had air conditioning in our house. My whole family got along just fine without it. During summer afternoons, my brothers and I would play outside beside the creek or under the trees. At night, we would run a few electric fans. When I first installed a cooling system into my home, I was super excited. I just love being able to simply adjust the thermostat to enjoy a perfectly cool living environment. I really enjoy the way the cooling system circulates and filters the indoor air. The house smells and feels so much fresher. However, I started using the cooling system more and more. I started it up earlier in the year and kept it running well into the milder weather. I kept lowering the thermostat by just a few degrees. My monthly bills have been steadily increasing and making a negative impact on my budget. I have scheduled a maintenance appointment with an HVAC professional to restore peak efficiency. I’ve been conscientious about replacing the air filter. While these efforts will help, I need to be more reasonable with the thermostat setting. I’m now considering the installation of a smart thermostat to help conserve energy without sacrificing comfort. Less demand on the air conditioner would not only save me money on running costs, but lessens the chance of malfunction as well.
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Pretending to repair our cooling system

I wanted to come up with an idea of how to propose to my girlfriend, Susan.

  • I am not good at surprises, and I am not the kind of person who plans events in advance.

I knew that if I told Susan were were going out to a fancy restaurant or taking a romantic vacation, she would automatically assume I was going to propose. I decided I could the cooling system to fool her. Susan knows nothing about cooling systems. I’m not sure if she even knows how to turn a breaker off. The plan was a little silly but simple. All I needed to do was turn the electric off to our cooling system and pretend to try an fix it. When I started the job on the cooling system, I asked Susan to hand me tools. Before I began working on the cooling system, I hid the engagement ring inside a set of screwdrivers. When I needed a screwdriver for the cooling unit, I Susan for it! She opened the toolbox and there was the ring! Susan was so excited, and she said yes. I then confessed that the cooling system had not actually malfunctioned. I explained that I had shut off the breaker so the cooling system would quit. She was thrilled to be engaged and also relieved that our cooling system was working. I then needed to put the cooling unit back together. Realizing a broken air conditioner isn’t all that romantic, I then took Susan out for an expensive dinner. I further surprised her with two plane tickets to a weekend getaway.

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